Saturday, February 27, 2016

Lurking in the Book Nook

Up fairly early, for a Saturday, Lorraine off to get her hair cut in Hove. And I met her afterwards, having arrived early hanging out in a cafe and listening to an audiobook of Plain Tales from the Hills, having seen a documentary on Kipling and what he was doing when he wrote these stories.

Met Lorraine, and we went to an award winning Children's bookshop in Hove, called The Book Nook, which was full of inspiring children's books and smelled pleasantly of toast, as there were coffees and snacks on sale. The woman who was working there very knowledgeable, and Lorraine asking her advice and buying books for her school. I looked at what I call high concept books (e.g. a book which calls itself The Book With No Pictures) and read some of the poetry books. It did take me back to the sheer excitement I felt as a kid, going to Smiths in Swiss Cottage, armed with Christmas or Birthday  book tokens and buying books.

Then, after a stroll into Cameron Contemporary Art shop, where the art was fine but merely decorative, as I like to term it in my snobbier moments.  Then my glamorously haired wife and I had a late lunch at a cafe called The Crumpety Tree, nice little cafe, and the food was excellent -- we had salads and I had meatballs. They do ornate crumpets, which I should try really.

A bus home and we stayed in the warm eating fisherman's pie. All good.

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