What Sunday afternoons are made for

Feeling a tad more lively. Betty, who is well on the way to recovery bounced in on us this morning, and lay across the bottom of the bed impersonating a bolster, and forming plans for next weekend when she introduces us to her new boyfriend.

Dropped Betty off at the Station, scored some Marks and Sparks custard then off to Dawn's house in Steyning.  A fun afternoon, with Dawn, Rosie and Anton. It's great to be with friends on a Sunday afternoon eating sunday roast with all the trimmings, lapping up some nice wine and generally putting the world to rights. I like Dawn's elegant living room, which has a view of the Downs.

Lorraine and I drove home in the dark.  Speaking briefly to mum on FaceTime -- before we watched a rather funny film called Bridesmaids, highly recommended by Beth. Hilarious in parts.