Another deluge, worked hard on the book all day. Talking briefly to Mum and Mas and to Sonia. I have reached another pocket of nonsense in the text which needs some unpicking. Struggling with this for much of the afternoon.

At around 4:30 I decided to think about something else for a bit and put on one of Brian Eno's ambient pieces called Neroli: Thinking Music which was bonging pleasantly and I was listening to the rain on the roof, which went nicely with the music, and suddenly I found myself feeling incredibly happy and at one with myself and the world. Just to be able to sit at my desk and listen to the rain falling seemed an incredibly lucky thing. Looked up what Neroli was, and it is a kind of a sweet smelling plant oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree.

Lorraine teaching school governors this evening, and I went out with Anton. Met him in the Great Eastern and then we went out into the deluge to The Mash Tun where Anton's research led us to two delicious burgers and fries (mine was chicken with Spanish sausage called a 'Titty Twister') for about £7 which was a bobby bargain.

Thence to the Twin Peaks-like Northern Lights, where we drank Tuborg beer and some strange Nordic vodkas tasting of salty licorice, and another smoky one which tasted of the Famel cough mixture of my youth. As ever a good deal of breeze to be shot on many and various subjects with Anton.

Below a striped Anton returning from the bar in The Northern Lights.