Food with friends

Currently achy, tired and prone to sneezing, Lorraine off colour too. We had a low key day, where I started reading The Sheltering Sky, by Paul Bowles, a book I am finally getting around to reading despite buying it as a paperback about five years ago. Excellent so far, though as I am in an editing frame of mind I felt like crossing out a few words.

I also had a good idea about my project this morning. Lorraine and I up for a slow breakfast, and a brief wander about the shops in the sunshine. Talked to a carpet fitter to replace threadbare stairs carpet. Slept deeply this afternoon, and turned down beers with Matt in the Basketmakers.

Sophie and Andros spontaneously decided to bring themselves to Brighton. Lorraine and I cabbed to the Cricketers, which was too full of middle aged folk making boozy eyes at one another. We found somewhere quieter for a quick drink, then went to the vegetarian restaurant Food for Friends. Irritating woman told us that there was a mistake with the booking until Sophie produced the confirmation text - treated as if we were doing a big favour to find us a table twenty minutes late. Good food, however, with a salad of halloumi cheese, with mango, avocado and various leaves rather excellent. Good to catch up with Sophie and Andros who were sheltering from a party that Electra was having. Good to hear Christof is enjoying Oxford and becoming engaged with politics, and is thinking of swapping courses from history to economics. Also took the opportunity to asking Andros, who was an assistant to Stanley Kubrick, about the making of the Shining, and he said that everyone was a nervous that Jack Nicholson had gone over the top in his performance.

After this veggie repast, fond farewells with Sophie and Andros and Lorraine and I jumped in a cab and were soon home a little after midnight.