Matt's Birthday

Toast and tea, before First Matie and I had a walk down to walk about in the gale on Brighton Pier which blasted away any cobwebs. We saw the waves were breaking far out to sea. The tide quite low when we were there, but some of the waves really large.

Then we met Lorraine, and embarked on a short shopping spree, Lorraine buying me some socks, and we headed off to The Eagle for a Sunday lunch in celebration of Matt's 37th birthday.

Lots of pals there, including Anton, John, Tim and Guy, Tanya, Irish Tom and his pal Natasha, Bryn and Nas, who I'd met the other night, most of us strapping on the nosebag for a roast lunch. A few happy hours chatting. Eventually people had to head for home. Fond farewells with First Matie, who it had been great to have down. Lorraine, John, Matt and I headed across the road to the Basketmakers for an absolutely bloody final drink before Lorraine and I mooched home to spend the evening reclined happily on the gold sofa, eating apple pie.  

Below a gorgeous snap of me taken by First Matie, and First Matie taken by me. Lorraine and Matt in The Basketmakers.