Leeds to Brighton

The mornings spent shopping with Lorraine. Shopping for me as it happened. For I needed a new watch and a new wallet. I have very clear criteria for the sort of wallet I needed. It had to be green, although a green wallet cannot be had it seems. More successful in buying a nice Danish watch with numerals called a Skagen. A real pleasure too to wander around town on a rainy Monday with Lorraine and Sam, who we met in Cafe Valerie.

I really enjoyed visiting Leeds this time, and particularly seeing Sam in his northern haunts. Leeds is an amazingly great place to shop, with affluent arcades, malls and converted industrial buildings all crammed with shops. There's brass in Leeds and no mistake. After hours of shopping I had my nice watch, and we had said goodbye to Sam. I was really pleased Sam and Lorraine got time to spend together.

Eventually we headed off to the station after stopping for an hour in a cafe to chill. Passed a young man walking his ferret on a lead, which was not something you see every day. Train to London was fine, and I finished the excellently readable On Writing by Stephen King. Then we walked across to St Pancras where a delayed Brighton train was waiting on the platform for us. Climbed aboard. This train crawled home though, taking almost two hours. However this was an improvement on the morning's commute, with bus replacement services and diversions from Brighton to Lewes and so on.

It is a really nice thing to return home and feel so happy about it.

Below the carved pillars outside the Metropolitan Hotel in Leeds, which were rather nice. Various shops in Leeds. I seemed not to have taken any photos of people, as I am not carrying my camera around at the moment, as it is kaput. Mr Arkwright's Tool Emporium seems too good to be true for Yorkshire.