Stopped again

Slept through the night for the first time in ages. Lorraine brought be tea in bed before going to work. 

Went for a quick walk to the corner shop to buy some bread, and found that quite enough exercise for one day. Cancelled a drink with Anton tonight. Had a FaceTime with Mum, who said it had been snowing in Edgware I was due to see her tomorrow, but have biffed that till next week. About ten minutes after we stopped talking, there was a flurry here too. Lorraine had a brief half an hour blizzard of sleety snow in Bolney too.

Slept heavily in the afternoon. A covid test this evening was negative, so I am none the wiser. Probably I am just tired and allowing myself to relax. Feeling a bit frustrated that this was the week I could really get down to my own work, and also keep going with the gym. Enjoyed reading my horoscope today, however, which said I would be full of athletic energy and enthusiasm.  

A big plus, however, was I wrote the first few hundred words of a new short story, called Storage, down this morning. I had the main idea floating around for a while, but it was only in visiting the storage unit we have rented lately, did the appropriate setting for it emerge after a false start. I hope I don't hex myself by saying it seems promising and is to do with the horrific elements of memory.

Much of the afternoon watching pointless football documentary series about Crystal Palace, which was full of blokes saying that other blokes were good players etc. Just the right level of taxing to doze to. Lots said about their nasty rivalry with Brighton, but no clear statement of how it all started other than a suggestion that it has its roots in soccer hooliganism of the 70s.