Nice Pies

To Pat and Maureen's in Ashford. Lorraine had not seen them with her own eyes since before Christmas. They were okay, although poor Basil cat may have to be put down, as she is unwell and requires constant medication and tests which are costing a fortune. 

Lorraine took one of her excellent chicken and leek pies down, and Pat and Maureen had prepared vegetables. Maureen had also made me an apple and blueberry pie. She spoils me via the medium of  apple pies. 

Sad news that Ken's mother in law in Ireland needs an operation for a brain tumour. Ken is back with the family at the moment. Words are slippery things however, and when Maureen talked about a brain tuna I had to laugh. 

Peaceful afternoon. I even fell asleep in an armchair for a bit, after my big lunch and a glass or two of wine. Rallied a bit, and then did a bit of work on my phone. I had to name an event, so I just had to come up with a few candidates which I typed in as a note. 

Maureen advising Lorraine on a knitted octopus that she has embarked on. Maureen said that L's knitting was tight. Apparently everyone has a different tightness when they knit. It all went over my head.

Derek, Lorraine's brother, skyped from Finland when we were there and Lorraine and I said quick hellos to him.

We drove home, and watched Match of the Day for a bit, but went to bed before the Chelsea game, a tedious one nil win over Newcastle. Chelsea's oligarch is now gone -- and inappropriately lamented by CFC fans who only think about the football. The dodgy Saudis who have just bought Newcastle also under some scrutiny too. Chelsea's future looks difficult, and the joy expressed by supporters of other clubs is a tad unsavoury.