Reaching the chequered flag

Friday another slog, tormented by the gorgeous day outside. Keith, however, much better after feeling wretched all week, and suddenly was in the mood to work like a fiend. We wanted to end a difficult week on a good note. All's well that ended well after a nine hour slog. Lorraine arrived home a bit of a zombie, lots of problems at school suddenly.

Instead of joy at reaching the chequered flag, I just felt a sense of numbed relief at the prospect of a few Peter Kenny weeks ahead. I feel really burnt out, and I can't wait to pick up the threads of things that are important to me and try to recharge my creative batteries.

I went for a walk, before collecting our curry. Lorraine and I enjoyed them on the sofa. Yawning my head off before 10 and Lorraine shattered too. Blinking lightweights, we slunk off to bed.