Idle Friday

Had planned something of an idle Friday, but first had to finish some work for mes amis in Paris, which took a bit longer than I'd hoped. Val came back and said it was perfect as usual, which made it all good. No NDI or contract from new agency by the end of the day, so Keith and I not sure what's happening next week. All agencies are the same on stuff like this.

Otherwise I read and thought about all the things I could be writing and reading if I had any energy or will power. Sometimes the amount that needs to be read, and the amount that I should be doing. 

 Lorraine home early and I bought her a bar of chocolate and left her snuggled on the sofa, and then went out for a drink with Anton, meeting in the Batty, merrily busy, and then to the French Horn before returning to his house to eat some of his excellent pizzas and listen to tunes and putting the world to rights. Lurched home after midnight, top hat somewhat askew due to aquavit at the end of the night, which was a bit extra as the young folks say.