A beer with Charlotte

So a limboish work day. Sent somewhat irritatingly phrased demands from folks in Munich and Paris.  Then was booked again on the annoying job Keith and I had been doing now extended from tomorrow till mid next week. Hoping that I can be in a better frame of mind about it all soon.

In the evening, I went to Lewes to the Needlewriters at the John Harvey Tavern, the fountainhead of Harvey's beer. I had forgotten I had double booked with Ben and Rick around the corner, so sent apologies to them yesterday. Rick did not get his, which was a bit awkward as I spoke to him on the train heading towards Lewes. Reading were two poets Kay Syrad and Sonya Smith who were enjoyable, and a prose writer whose work I did not enjoy in the least. 

Nice to be out, saying howdy to Stephen Bone and Jeremy and others. Best part was sitting with Charlotte afterwards and having a good talk about poetry life etc. The result was I felt more optimistic and was reminded of what was important about the whole business. She is a lovely human as well as a brilliant poet. I walked with her back through town, and then trained home, feeling less alone in my endeavours.