Basil dies

The clocks having sprung forward, it felt like a very early start getting up with Lorraine. Felt happy not to have to do agency work, and sad for Lorraine as she drove off to work. I immediately started thinking about hard about the poems I want to get into a competition by the end of the week. But found I can't see the wood for the trees. My brain is shot. 

Went to the gym for another reduced workout, then into Sainsbury's for a few bits. Back again: when in doubt: tidy up. Spent some time sorting study, filing and doing assorted admin and billing recent clients, and turning down a two-day pitch next week. 

A note from Mum saying she got her Mother's day card. Pesky postmen.

Chatting to Beth who is recovering still from Covid. She texted me with the news that Maureen had to put Basil down this morning, having taken a turn for the worse. Everyone a bit sad about this. 

Basil was Brian's sister, and a lovely cat. She has lived with Pat and Maureen for ten years. She was treated royally and is happily capering in a cat paradise, perhaps a garden rustling with tasty young robins.