Briefly slipping the manacles

A less stressful day for me, although all about work. Keith still very unwell although we began slogging early as usual. A big meeting this morning where we presented the ideas from last night to the wider team, went well enough. By the end of the day it became clear that the potential client had moved all the goalposts and the brief and dates were all changing. So not sure yet what tomorrow looks like. 

Lorraine working from home again as her school completed its interview process to find her successor.  Apparently all the candidates were saying how lovely and well run the school was which made Lorraine feel pleased.  

I slunk off for a short walk after work, having spent too much time this week manacled to my desk, mooching about near the hillfort. Tobs called while I was walking. Had a nice chat, as I looked at the gorgeous low sun. Home to a lovely meal Lorraine had cooked. Things looking a bit brighter. I can't wait till this week ends. 

A glimpse down a side street into the setting sun.