A big relief

So up in a sprightly fashion this morning, and started work at 7:30, did an hour, had a conversation with Keith, and then walked Lorraine down to the breast clinic as she had a lump which needed checking out. I wasn't able to go in with her because of Covid, so simply returned home to resume work.

 Luckily they do all the tests there and then. Very nice and reassuring in there apparently, and Lorraine was told the lump was nothing to worry about. Lorraine and I much relieved. It had been playing on my mind lots, and having one less thing to stress over made the rest of the day seemed considerably easier. Seems that my hypochondria now extends to Lorraine as if she were me. In fact it is worse.

After finishing the day's work with a presentation to folks in the US.  I completed some editing to send to Robin for the podcast, and finished a job I was doing for mes amis in Paris.

Then a brisk walk, cooked rice, and had dinner with Sam and Lorraine then another walk to get up to 10k paces, and buy chocolate for Lorraine who was in need of some.

A note from Matthew Rees, who had quoted me for the launch of his new story collection The Snow Leopard, set in Moscow. I have read the title story already and it is a cracker. 

Early to bed. It had been a long day.