Quiz night

Up early and interviewed Jeremy first thing this morning. He was very fluent and it was interesting to talk to him.  In the evening Lorraine drove us and Sam off to the Eight Bells in Bolney to take part in the parent teachers association fundraiser for the school. Cheery atmosphere in the pub, and there was nothing for it but to simply drink some Harvey's bitter. Sat with Dan and Sarah and answered lots of questions. 

The quiz hosted by a well known local character named Posh Bob, who I had heard about lots over the years but had never seen. He was perfectly good at it. Funny how people there were calling out his name, hey Posh, can you repeat question 11? etc. Our team, with Dan and Sarah did not win, but did okay. Lorraine had a good time, and lots of money was raised for the school. One of the teams was called Professor Quiz Whitty. I wonder if another generation of Chief Medical Officers will enter popular culture like Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van-Tam.