To Austria

Lorraine and I running about getting ready this morning, packed bags but heading in opposite directions. She dropped me at Preston Park with Strangeface, my trusty old suitcase with a strange face. She drove to school, did a day's work and flew up to see Sam and Jade in Glasgow. Brief calls and texts today.

I went up to Paddington, and left the office late afternoon with my Paddington colleagues Ash, James and Den, A zoom to Heathrow on the Heathrow Express. As we arrived at the airport, news of some kind of incident in Oxford Street, but it this turned out to be a scare, with nobody hurt.

Twitchy about flying today. But we had a bite to eat in some place called Pilots. I judiciously got outside a pint of Heineken, which helped a bit. A cramped flight, very hot. Retained sanity by listening to the Kermode and Mayo podcast, stretching out a small can of Heineken for half the flight, and neurotically playing patience on my phone.

Plane landed in fog, and clouds, so saw nothing much despite having a window seat. Leaving the airport, you could see your breath and the cold was lovely after sweating on the plane. We drove to the hotel along main roads beyond which nothing much visible. Vienna had strangely quiet streets for a Friday. Into the Hotel bar, where we had some drinks, two more beers for me. Cocktails for the others. Two clients joined us. This helped, as I got to know some of the people I'm working with better.

At midnight, or 1pm local time, and Den and I then got a cab to another Hilton, and kipped for the night. Our rooms were upgraded. So an extensive and roomy room. Showered, dog tired, and crept into bed by 1:30 local time, which is an hour ahead of London time.