Took my laptop on the train and worked on my poems. The first Wednesday I'd not had a poetry reading since I've been working at Paddington, and quite a relief.  Still fighting for scraps of stuff to do at the agency, there will be an absolute torrent of work at some point, but it it all bottlenecked and I'm slightly dreading what will happen when it comes uncorked.

Luckily I had a few things to do, such as write some stuff for an interview Louise Tondeur is doing on her site, and writing a bit of blurb for Tess Jolly's new pamphlet. This I did quietly. Sloped off for a walk along the canals at lunch, chatting briefly with Mum, and to Anton and Carl. Not spoken to Carl for some time, and it was good to be able to catch him. Despite not having much to do at work, I am still finding the commute and long days tiring. Maybe its something to do with the flu jabs Lorraine and I had at the weekend, both our arms are still a bit painful.

Home on the train, reading a chapter of the Violence: Six Sideways Reflections, by Slavoj Žižek, and looking again at Interference Pattern by J. O. Morgan. Bumped into Reuben on the train as we approached Preston Park. Quick and friendly chat with him, before he cycled off to do yoga near Preston Circus.

Home, and Lorraine was home and had rustled up a gorgeous curry, with the sauce she had frozen into batches a couple of weeks ago. Lovely stuff. Enjoyed being with Lorraine tonight. The cats a bit weird as they are missing having someone around during the day.