Sleepless in Vienna

So a long time in bed, but not so much sleep. That infuriating thing when you are overtired, restless, and then eventually furious because you can't sleep. I did sleep eventually, but did not make the best of the opportunity I had.

The day itself not bad. Had breakfast alone this morning at nine, and then went to the office which has been set up in one of the hotel meeting rooms. Did some writing, also some folding of hundreds of place cards, and emptying of hundreds of memory keys out of boxes. Went down where the Summit is now taking shape, and it is visually amazing. Seeing my words and headlines projected on an enormous screen, that wouldn't be out of place at a rock concert, rather good although also making you pray for no typos. Feeling a bit twitchy about having to do the Voice of God stuff too, which adds a touch of stage fright to the proceedings. The event itself is Tuesday and Wednesday, but tomorrow, Monday, will be the day of horror by all accounts. After lunch I had an hour or so of feeling spent. Luckily I was freed to go back to my room early in the evening and have some downtime. Spoke to Mum and Mas briefly, and to Lorriane driving home from Gatwick. A deep and profound desire to be in the car with her going home, but of course there are many rivers to cross before that will happen.

A cheery bite to eat in the bar this evening, a club sandwich, and a bit of a laugh with my colleagues, before slinking off to bed. My colleagues went back to work at eleven PM. Poor sods. Tomorrow is the full on day apparently, so I expect to be working day and night. Vienna is outside the hotel, all grey and overcast and mysterious. Have seen nothing of it.