Low profile

Up early for a Saturday. Lorraine got in touch with Cass, and by luck (for us) he had a job fall through next week so is able to decorate the big bedroom and the spare one for us next week. I went into town to pick up the wallpaper Lorraine had ordered from the post office and have a haircut. The barber doing a dip as he circle around the back of your head with the mirror to avoid the bald spot. I called him on it, and we had a laugh.

Then home, both Lorraine and I lacking energy, and Lorraine feeling coldy. We went off in the afternoon to Hove, to talk about paint in a paint shop, and take five big bags of Beth's clothes and shoes to Martlets Hospice charity shop. Then we picked up Beth from teaching. We sat in the car park listening to the radio for ten minutes and talking about what the radio had mentioned, 'locker room chat of men'. I never speak to anyone in locker rooms. We looked at the i360 lit up like a UFO. I took an iPhone snap of it but it simply did not come out.

Back with Beth to her home for a cup of tea with her and John, and to drop off the dehumidifier as they are getting some condensation problems. Beth being very funny opening a beauty box that she had got from Amazon somehow, which included blue nail polish and lots of other stuff. She has two days extra-ing on Holby City next week.

Then home, to a much needed low profile night at home. Eating chicken stew and pistachio nuts and watching Stranger Things before an early night (for a Saturday).