Flat start

A cold morning, with a nasty north wind blowing. A happy one for me, as when I went to bed my ankle was beginning to feel weird, and I was expecting an outbreak of Orc-foot, but this did not happen. Also the coldy feelings that Lorraine and I both had over the weekend did not result in bad colds. Lorraine and I scrambled into her car, but the pesky thing wouldn't start. I had to set off walking to the station, while Lorraine arranged to be picked up and had to get the AA round in the evening to replace the battery, which was dead as dodo. Lorraine remarkably calm about all this.

I got on my trains and as I stood up at Victoria, found I had been sitting next to Mandy, someone I'd worked with in Hammersmith years ago. Quick chat with her, before plunging down into the tube.

Work was fine, if dull. Work to be done, though. Short walk by the canal, eating chicken and avocado sandwich.  Home, reading a book called Mister Pip, by Lloyd Jones that Dawn had given it to me for my birthday, and I am enjoying it.

Home, and Lorraine not late. Cass had been doing prep in the big bedroom, filling in some evil holes. And his tools were all there.

Watched Star Trek with Lorraine, which was enjoyable. I like the new Star Trek. Then bed, at ten, feeling very tired. Lorraine reading more of The Book of Dust. But Lorraine reading to me, is making me fall asleep.