Sluggish then steady

Tired this morning, and very sluggish first thing but increasingly steady as the day wore on. Very happy I didn't drink lots of beers last night. But the journey to work fine. I get off at Hassocks to wait for the train to Victoria. Very foggy there this morning, and quite atmospheric. Finished We have always lived in the castle, this morning. Good book.

Victoria full of servicemen with medals and a military band playing Beatles tunes. They were there again on the way home. In the tube, there was a recording of Dame Barbara Windsor asking for people to give money for the poppy fund.

Work a little better. Have taken the initiative as there are no briefs, and you are supposed to know what to do by a process of osmosis. Still I had a nice walk at lunchtime, and walked a different bit of the canal, past big houses, one where Arthur Lowe used to live, and some lovely houses.

Home, and Paddington tube was closed, so I had to catch a bus to Victoria. Otherwise home, and ate some stew that Lorraine had defrosted. Lorraine home after me, having had a parent's evening.

Slumping on the sofa.

Below fog at Hassocks, Little Venice, and a band in Victoria Station this evening.