Poetry beats drizzle

A sluggish start for me, luckily dropped off at the station by Lorraine. The connecting train was cancelled, but I still managed not to be late to work. Listened to a few podcasts, read a story or two by Rachel Joyce. They are okay, but somewhat clunky. Finished the collection on the way home. A bizarre day when there was little work for me to do. This always a bit uncomfortable, as you can’t blatantly relax into doing nothing.

 However there were a few pleasant distractions. I heard from Tess Jolly, whose poetry I love, all dark and mysterious and asked to write a few lines for the back of her new pamphlet. Going through the MS, called Thus the blue hour comes and I found myself thanked in the thank-yous for having encouraged her in the early stages of this collection, which is was a lovely suprise.

And also this blog post about my winning poem, by J.O. Morgan on the Happenstance website. Very chuffed with this, as it is one of the new batch of short poems I wrote this year, which for me is a bit of a different style. J.O. Morgan took the time to thoroughly unpacks the poem, and there is nothing better than to know someone's really looked hard at something you made.

Lunchtime was drizzly, but I walked through Paddington station, and then down to the Italian Water Gardens in Hyde Park. It was drizzling steadily there, but I ate my ham and mustard sandwich outside anyway. The afternoon drizzled away in the office too, but the poetical events of the day had left me feeling dead cheery, as did the comments on Facebook and twitter about it. Also heard from old pals Mark Hartley and Kev Holmes, and got another lovely email from Charlotte.

Lorraine working late. I rustled up a stir fry for myself. Got a text from Lorraine asking if I could be Father Christmas at her school this year. Of course!