Thursday, December 31, 2015


Lorraine and I started the day in a frenzy of list-making and assigning ourselves tasks, which eventually after doing bits and pieces ended up with us nesting on the gold sofa till the evening, when Lorraine and I walked down the hill and up another one to Anton's house.

Rumours of a possible Brian appearance were confirmed, and it was great to catch up with him. Anne and Anton, as traditional, had assembled an top notch feast. Fingerfood starters, then a fish course of prawns, crab and salmon lox, followed by a fantastic steak au poivre with fries and asparagus spears. This was the first time I have eaten a steak in several years, Anton dancing about with steaks and making the sauce, which really was melt in the mouth stuff. This followed by puddings and cheese, all accompanied by wines and so on.

Lorraine and I really enjoyed this evening of lovely food, and cheery company. Klaudia and Oskar managing to stay awake till midnight, for a spot of Auld Lang Syne-ing in front of the tele showing fireworks on the South Bank.

Lorraine and I walked home too, clambering into bed at around two.

Below Klaudia has always hated loud noises. Here she prepares or Anton and Oskar's party poppers. And perched sleepily between Anne and Brian.

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