Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Back of Beyond and Festive woof woofs

A busy day on Lorraine business. We disposed of the waste and high tailed it to Bolney to see Lorraine's new school. There was one teacher doing some prep there, and the caretaker. I don't think I've walked about an empty school out of term before. Lorraine taking notes while walking about and looking in all the rooms and learning the layout of the place. Looking in store cupboards and so on. One had a direction post with Back of Beyond, and Front of Beyond on it.

To Horsham to dispose of Mrs Kenny's confidential waste in her office. Strange being with Lorraine in a busy office.Then off to drop her laptop off at her boss Chris's house. We were invited in and had a nice chat with Chris and his wife and daughter. A bright cheery room, and very pleasant people.

In the evening, Lorraine and I sauntered down to The Joker, where we met Anton, Anne and my Godbairns plus Christiane (Anton's cousin and also Goddaughter) over from Australia. Lovely to see Christiane again -- who as a yoga teacher shuns impurities of mind, body and spirit. But who in Anton's company had a couple of beers the night before and lapped up some prosecco today.

Most of us ate wings, Anton and I having woof woof wings, and also sharing a plate of woof-woof wings as a side dish. A lovely evening of catching up on gossip (of which there were ample portions).

Below the school board with Lorraine's name on it, and the entrance to Lorraine's school, and the cricket pitch opposite. Klaudia, Oskar, Anton and Christiane. Then a blurry one that adds Anne, Lorraine and I to the picture.  I can't help observing that I am growing very festively plump.

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