Work and wildflowers

Lorraine back to work for a full day again, despite not feeling particularly perky. All day on the German stuff, and presented what I had done to the team who are mostly in Munich early afternoon.  

I presented quite a bit of stuff, and it went down well as far as I can tell. An evening stroll over the hill as usual. I noticed lots of wildflowers among the long grass, and the meadows are now turning golden. Scorching hot still, and I chose to walk under trees as much as possible, till you get to the bald hilltop of course. Stuffy in my office late afternoon, but as my window is north west facing, I don't get much sunlight till the afternoon.

Lorraine tired and needing bland food when she got home. Jade returned and lay low with Sam.

Below a few hill fort wildflowers ... I think I need to learn all their names. A newly-golden field looking towards Brighton's Amex Stadium.