A bit of fun!

To bed feeling shattered, and then was woken shortly before 1.00am by a party in the garden next door. Then someone knocking drunkenly on the door next door, and the thunder and lightning. Missed hours of the night, and got up and drank some chamomile tea and so on. Eventually back to sleep and woke up at nine. Got up and brought Lorraine some tea. 

Off to see Jewell today, to do a deep tissue massage on my back at 11am. Both painful and blissful, and we had a really good chat. Lovely to catch up with her for the first time in almost two years. Like seeing an old friend. 

Felt lots more upright afterwards, and headed home. An afternoon of work for the team in Germany, and bloody pleased to be done with it. Also a smidge of work for the mes amis in Paris too, when I followed up with them. Done by 5:30 today, which was excellent.

Then Lorraine, Jade Sam and I mooched into town for fun. Walking with Jade and she was so excited about going to see a Marvel movie, it really made me smile. She is sweet. We had a nice pizza sitting outside at Franco Manca, and then made off to the Komedia where we saw Black Widow in a one third full cinema. Enjoyed the film, as we have been prepped for it over the last couple of months by Jade. I find Scarlett Johansson utterly watchable, and it was superheroes fun with all kinds and a good deal of biffing and tumbling from enormous structures through thin air while still fighting, shooting guns and so on. I paraphrase, but Jade assured me it was empowering to see women properly fighting. 

Great fun to be in a cinema again, although it did feel weird, and there were masks, and big gaps between people in the room and so on. Lorraine tucking into a big box of popcorn next to me. Just lovely to be doing something with Lorraine that is fun.

A taxi home. Lorraine likes the Olympics but I melted away, more than ready for bed, while the dressage horses trotted about. Nothing horrible other than a call from my doctor tomorrow morning.

Noticed this dog over Sam's shoulder  while we were sitting outside the restaurant. I think it has a knowing smile.