Ambushed in the night

Night sweats. Woke up, perhaps from a bad dream, bathed in sweat, and weirdly panicky at 4am. Half asleep I was convinced I was going to croak it. However, it was just some strange sort of night anxiety. After a while I felt fine, and Lorraine soothed me back to feeling normal. Horrible. Managing anxiety is fine during the day, as there are steps I have learned over the years to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. But when you wake up in the middle of a panic attack, it is more difficult.

In the no rest for the wicked department, plunged immediately into a difficult, long and pressurised day of work. Managed a couple of walks one at lunch and one at 5pm. 

Then recorded a little with Robin, at six. We decided to bump the Rishi episode till next week, which took lots of pressure off me. Watched the Euros semifinal this evening. Italy v Spain. The Italians rode their luck to win on penalties. And so to bed, hoping for a tranquil night.  

Our birdbath a dish of red algae blood again.