England win the semifinal shocker

Work from eight. A bit later, presented to strategists, creative director and  two suits, a plonkingly negative and unimaginative woman who hated the creative work we had done, as it wasn't the kind of work they usually do for the client (the same client they are about to lose because of soulless predictable creative). How this person is employed by a creative agency is a genuine mystery. As we began presenting Keith texted me to say that he 'could not be fucked to talk to these idiots', so I had to do it. The other was a charming geezer who had apparently stepped out of a time machine having entered it in 1992, and had not yet had a chance to catch up on how marketing and advertising has moved on since then. 

I told them they were making me feel like the UK in the Eurovision song contest, and amazingly they liked one of our ideas as 'a wild card' to take into the pitch. 

After the rest of this delightful day, walked up to the Hillfort, then came home and cooked. We all ate just before eight, when Lorraine arrived, and watched the England game against Denmark. A tense, close game, which England managed to squeak 2-1. Jade living every kick and emitting excited swears and squeaks, and saying how the England players were lovely boys. One of the commentators, Gary Neville, said something to the effect that Gareth Southgate was showing what true leadership looked like, unlike what we have seen from our politicians over the last two and a half years.

England in a final of a major tournament since 1966, which I watched with Dave as a six year old, with Dave my Grandfather, in Guernsey. I think Italy are a bit to strong for our boys, but I love to be proved wrong.