Slogging along

Up early, several meetings with the German team including a nice medical man called Herman in Cologne -- and the afternoon bashing out copy and then chatting to the creative team. Hot, bothered and tired by late afternoon, another walk up to the hill fort, bought some salad bits, and then did more German work. Slogging along. The people are absolutely lovely, but I am feeling drained.  As I wrote to SJB (Sarah Barnsley) all I really want to do at the moment is a) nothing, and b) write poetry. She said she was gripped by such excitement about writing her forthcoming poetry collection she couldn't sleep. 

Then I made a complex salad with lots of ingredients, grilling halloumi and making couscous and then mixing that with few bits of gently fried green beans, garlic and chilli. Worked fine I thought. Lorraine home late, and we all ate. Jade having emerged from a long and thorough rest up in their rooms seeming cheery. I drank a single cold beer, watched a little TV 9 (Lorraine multitasking with her Nintendo) abefore we melted off to bed. 

Our room is sweltering being at the top of the house, but it is okay once we open the doors on the Juliette balcony. Not too many problems with mosquitos, as we have dealt savage death to any we see in the bedroom before we go to sleep, and don't seem to be bitten by nocturnal intruders. Poor Lorraine absolutely shattered, and I repeated my mantra of 'only two days to go' tonight. I can't wait for her to stop.