Live and let live

Ambushed by Whiskey again this morning. She stole into the room while Lorraine was downstairs, and seized my watch in its mouth.  I gave chase around the room in my boxer shorts for a bit, before Whiskey thought it would be more fun make off.  I bleated for Sue, who sorted everything out. My watch, when retrieved from under Sue and John's bed, had only received a nasty licking and was unharmed. 

After a lovely breakfast, an amble into Bromyard this morning with Sue, marching up Frog Lane (see what I did there) to the Broad Street where there was a variety of nice little shops, even a theatre and... A Dr Who museum.  

This afternoon off to Brockhampton, a small National Trust property surrounded by gorgeous hilly land. Sue volunteers there once a week, and we lurked about in a batty building, with half a moat around it. Perfect for fending off unidirectional invasions. The rooms each were time capsules from different periods in the house's history. There was also a gatehouse, which was built as a folly and had an upstairs Lorraine and I climbed into which was aromatic with bird droppings. 

There was also a photogenic little ruined church nearby, and we mooched about in all of these places, and had ice cream and teas and snaffled up the last of the sandwiches from the little shop there, (with staff discount thanks to Sue) including the little sandwiches put aside for children.  

In the evening John drove us all to The Live and Let Live, a pub standing alone in a landscape. Outside was a motley collection of antiques, and a pub cat with an overabundance of toes. Inside it was low beamed and lovely, with excellent food and beer. I washed excellent fish and chips down with a pint of Butty Bach from the Wye Valley Brewery, which John told me Butty Bach meant Little Friend in Welsh, which is sweet. The Pub sign, featured a cat coexisting in peace with a mouse and a bird. Lovely. Lorraine and I, thanks to Sue and John's kind hospitality, are already feeling a great deal more relaxed.

Managed to spot tansey, and wild teasels in my wildflower hunt. And a spoon on the wall that was smiling. That may have been the beer though.

Below Lorraine, Sue and Whiskey on the main street of Bromyard, around Brockhampton, the pub sign, and a smiling spoon.