Square eyes, slug body

Lorraine went off today to get one of her trademark haircuts which sees her returning with longer hair than before. Swishy and quite glamourous. She also hung out with Betty for a bit too.

I meanwhile, after popping out to get some bread in the morning, spent the rest of the day having a gold sofa day as the rain fell with persistent gusto outside.

All I wanted to do today was watch TV. It's good to have ambitions which are easily achievable. So I watched a film shot by the RAF in colour during the war about Lancaster bombers and their crews. I watched a short documentary talking to pilots from the Battle of Britain. I watched FA cup football, and Chelsea win, and a documentary about Manchester City. Synopsis: rubbish.  In short I became an invertebrate sprawled on the sofa like Jabba the Hut and what's more I felt a good deal better for it. An earlyish night, where I slept like a large baby.