Lorraine goes public

Lorraine's departure from the school was announced to parents, and she told the children too. Lots of love being shown her by parents and children, giving her mixed feelings. It made it all feel real for her. 

My day, was getting up early prep for recording with Robin and taking a brief from the Germans to write a 2-3 page article for the sort of toe-curlingly dull in house magazine corporates go in for. 

Calliope scratching at the door like a poltergeist three times during the recordings did not help, and I felt generally a little flustered. Not my finest hour as a podcaster. Talking about the book C+nto by Joelle Taylor, which is an elegiac celebration of Butch Lesbian life and the communality of the club.

Did the German work in time to walk 45 minutes to Hove Polyclinic for a blood test. Only when I arrived did I discover I'd left the notes for the test on my desk. No note: no test. Felt really frustrated with myself. Walked home and felt infuriated by how I had wasted almost two hours on a busy day. Luckily, due to a cancellation, I can go back tomorrow.

Home and the Germans asked me to rewrite a paragraph. Editing the podcast till late, pausing to eat some fish and chips that Lorraine bought from Jenny's around the corner. Finished at nine, and after a smidge of TV, made off to bed.