Hump day

Up early, a little after Lorraine. Getting over the hump day of the week. Worked on detailed but boring German stuff, sent that off to Munich, then chatted with Keith. US brief just after lunch, and then bounced ideas about with Keith and got to a point where we could stop by close of play. We have to present ideas at 7pm on Friday evening to the US guys, which is inconvenient. I am desperate to pick up the threads of my own writing. But money is money I suppose.

Sam dragged the tree off to the recycling spot in Preston Park this morning while I was working. And the Dusty Dolls came.

Went out for a series of short walks to get to my 10k paces. On the last one saw the big new moon, the hidden part clearly visible, and Jupiter gleaming near it. Home and made the plain meal of steamed peas and cabbage, boiled potatoes with a bit of grilled fish, which I found unaccountably tasty. Possibly because of Spartan Month. Horrifically, however, I weighed myself and seem to have added half a kilo since yesterday. Resolved not to weigh myself daily. 

In the world of things... I ordered a small tactical hoover, as Lorraine had been very impressed with the one Sue had, and I received a new moleskin weekly planner in red as I have done for years, apart from a few aberrations in the last couple of years. To my eagle eyes... noticeably thinner pages, and the red slightly less scarlet than formerly. Felt reassuring to have it, and early too, and to fill its pages immediately with a block of booked days.

Lorraine was tired so she went to bed early to play with her Nintendo switch, and I read the first few pages of The Box of Delights as a farewell to Christmas.