An afternoon with Mum and Mas

Up early, with a distinct hangover courtesy of Anton, and after a bit of frenzied social meeja about the podcast, made off to Preston Park station, pausing at the daily grind for a cup of tea. Gingerly sipping lots of water as I train hopped to Elstree and Borehamwood station. And from there a brisk walk to the Waggon and 'orses, where I ordered a medicinal Guinness before Mum and Mas arrived shortly after. Mum had reserved a seat near the fire, which hadn't been lit when we got there. Many people got involved in struggling to keep it alight.   

Nice chat for a few hours there by the intermittently flickering fire. Mas wandering off as usual to talk to randoms, and Mum and I having a chance to talk. Mas saying he wants to advise the Democrats on how to regain control of their own party.  Mum saying she feels a bit lonely -- which waves of Covid doesn't help.

Decent fish and chips at the pub, which Mum and I ate. Mas ordered a chicken Caesar Salad, but said that next time he would get them to hold the chicken as it was the salad he liked. Mum drank ginger beer. Ginger beer is very underrated. 

Told Mum that I will zip up there again soon, as the price of an off peak ticket is not too much, and the journey fairly straightforward.  

Homeward journey was easy.  walked back from Brighton station, dropping in at the pharmacy, and Lorraine, just returning from work was able to scoop me up at Beaky Bottom. Home, and Lorraine went out immediately out for a quick pint with some of her headteacher pals, I simply redid the social media stuff I had got wrong this morning, and boofed onto the Gold Sofa with the cats till Lorrraine got home. 

Chuffed today to get news that I had a couple of poems taken by Black Nore Review, an online poetry magazine. My poems will appear in March.