An unexpected contact

Up with a determination to do a few things. Some practical... Lorraine and I worked out how to use the new hoover we had bought. I called Mum, and sent off some timesheets for the job I was doing last week, and I emailed Robin who has had a difficult time lately.   

Lorraine and I resolved to go out for a walk and we drove to Woods Mill for a bit of a walk. I took my camera and snapped some not very good pictures. We sat in the bird hide and so on. It was fun, nevertheless. By the evening I felt inclined to do little again. I seem to be in hibernation mode at present.

Toby called, however, and I had a nice chat with him. Another lockdown in Toronto which is a bit of a drag. Nice to chat, however, although the Tobster a bit bored with lockdowns, especially as he is in a sabbatical year enjoying the world as his lobster etc.

I received a quite unexpected and friendly email this evening, having been traced by a cousin I never knew I had called Liz. She is a child of one of Mum's half brothers Jonathan, who was adopted at birth. I was interesting and intrigued who had stumbled across my site, and seen the photo of my great grandmother in Indian, who also is her great grandmother. 

And so to bed trying not to think about all the work next week.  

A couple of snaps, none of them especially good. Though I'm quite lichen the one at the top (arf).