Horsepills and coffee

So a really poor night again, with gut pain keeping me awake again. Spoke to different doctor, who prescribed some antibiotics, and has set up a blood test. I am going next week. If the antibiotics don't sort it next step a colonoscopy or MRI.  Not getting too alarmed so far, boosted by my cancer test a few weeks ago being negative. Apprised Keith of this, as I'm  not in the business of taking a stressful brief next week.

After doing a smidge of work for a couple of hours for some folks in Munich, I strode down London Road to pick up my horsepills and on down to West Street Specsavers. One of the nose pads on my Harry Potterish specs had disappeared, probably after I sat on them. Always very helpful in there. My pad replaced, my screws tightened, glasses polished.  

A plaguey bus home sat among teenagers.  Shortly after I got home, Beth popped in for a coffee and Sam, Beth and I had an enjoyable hour's chatting. Had my first coffee for a few days, and the three of us ate some hot cross buns now apparently available all year round as I even saw them in the run up to Christmas. Beth, having swapped contracts is in the period of thinking about utilities and cardboard boxes and so on. It is lovely to see her so excited.

Anton has a new craze: yoga. He paid £30 for a month of it and typically has determined to go every day.

The afternoon though was restful. I am feeling worn out after not sleeping much and was urged to take it easy by Lorraine, I began reading The Green Face, by Gustav Meyrink, a contemporary of Kafka. It seems a curious book full of strange ideas, which I find very interesting -- though I am slightly wary about how its use of the Wandering Jew legends.  Next, I want to read his more famous work The Golem

Had an hour's doze on the gold sofa to payback some of what I missed at night, had a chat with Mum and then bestirred myself to cook. Watched a bit of TV and went to bed early. As I went to bed, I noted that I felt better than I had this time yesterday.