Classic Monday

All work and no play. Me up early and working. In the garden, six wood pigeons in the little hedge eating ivy berries. Dawn around, collecting Lorraine to take her off to have a tooth extraction under sedation. Dawn kindly waited for her, and then drove her back into my care.  Lorraine sweetly befuddled on arrival saying it was the best way to have a tooth out. She remembers sitting down and then little else. She spent the rest of the day dozing happily on the gold sofa, being given paracetamol and periodically being given soft, blood warm orange squash and mushy things to consume. 

Meanwhile a classic Monday. Keith and I mired this morning. Keith raging and made furious by various issues he was having with his design software. Me devoid of much inspiration. Meanwhile the Germans demanding work, which I ignored till they fixed their tone, and was able to do in an additional two hours this early evening after Keith and I euthanised the working day. 

Warmed up soup for Lorraine, and cooked for Sam and me. Wrote back to my surprising new cousin Liz, and received a long chatty reply shortly after. Went to bed fairly early. Slept well despite not having time for a walk today. This will be a long week.