Horrible night, kept awake by searing lower gut pain, and Lorraine woke up again with me shifting around.  Called the surgery, got a phone appointment, and biffed my meeting with Keith, as I was braindead after just a couple of hours of sleep and needed to focus my limited resources on completing the German work. He was sympathetic, and told me he'd spent a night in a hospital with suspected appendicitis when it was actually trapped wind. 

Sent off the German work, talk of another job from them which happily evaporated. Finally the doctor called, about two hours late, and arranged for me to come into the medical centre.

As it got dark, I was seen by an excellent woman doctor, attentive, reassuring, listening and assured. After being examined and chatting, it seems that the most likely explanation was constipation. Not something I have experienced before. Was given a prescription for drinkable sachets, and told to take Senna poo pills, then I was, ahem, good to go. Walking helps, and I'd not done as much as usual, having been manacled to my desk lots, drinking dehydrating coffee. Combined with returning my diet back to small portions seems to have sparked it off.   Luckily I'd only very recently had a bowl cancer screening, so at least that wasn't an option. 

Felt quite relieved, as I walked home, despite the prospect of having to tell people that my series of agonising nights was actually due to poo. Lorraine and I cooked a cottage pie with turkey mince, and this was excellent. Felt cheery, but very tired. Went to bed early, grateful for not being in pain.