Dreadful night's sleep, waking up after two hours and being kept awake with pains in my lower guts. Up in the middle of the night, disturbing Lorraine and taking assorted pills, and drinking herbal teas. Felt a bit better after an hour's doze between 6-7. But tired and wan all day.

In the night I looked at my phone, and learned Keith and I had, in the politest and complimentary terms, and been biffed from the job in the US. Met up with Keith for at least an hour this morning to discuss this and other matters. 

I wrote to the Germans saying I could do some work for them, and then went for a short walk in a gorgeous blue skied day. For my pains I  received another intricate and tedious chunk of copy to write in the afternoon however.

Early evening off to buy some green beans and make a fish curry in cocoanut milk.

A couple of snaps walking the circle of the hillfort's ring.