Trying times for hypochondriacs

Off then in the icy rain to get yet another Covid test with Lorraine. Luckily we went to Preston Park where there is a site in the park itself. Drove down some of the way, then toddle across the park. Bloody freezing today and windy. Snow and drama across the north of England. Cold and windy here. A gold sofa day all round, as the weather was horrible and my throat was sore again and I felt lifeless. This cold is a boomerang. 

Had planned for Anton to come around but biffed him in case Lorraine had got Covid from school. 

I want her to get her booster, and at least she was able to rebook it for a week earlier. She needs to hold on till next weekend. The news, however, full of a new Omicron variant of Covid, first identified in South  Africa. It will already be here of course. This diverges from the last variant in several ways. Nobody is clear what those ways are, or how well existing vaccines will work against it, other than it seems more transmissible than the Delta variant. Gods. These are trying times for a hypochondriacs.