A streak of rosy light

Another poor night's sleep. Working with Keith on a job which appears to be going well *nervously touches wood* judging by a presentation in the middle of the day. A few business negotiations going on in the background (with me biffing a booking). A smidge of work sent over by mes amis in Paris.

Received a notification that boosters were now bookable. I went online, and the nearest place on offer for my vaccination was effing Crawley. I shall give it a couple of days. Toby has had his booster already.  

Trying to avoid the news, all the stuff about Cop 26 is so numbingly appalling. Political and business fools still haggling for advantage as the world ends.

After work a walk at sundown up to the top of the hill. Lorraine very tired tonight, and we slugged on the sofa all day. Roasted red peppers and mushrooms and ate with cold chicken and oven chips. An early night with a shattered wifey. 

The final streak of rosy light beneath the glowering clouds over Brighton.