It's alive!

Decidedly improved this morning. Luck to be able to take my time over recovering, unlike Lorraine who has had to plunge back into the thick of things. Spent the day on several things, a good chat with Robin, a touch of recording. It did me good talking to her, as I am going through a bit of a despondent passage with my work. Not helped by feeling unwell and muddle headed. Negotiated with an agency, over a week or so work upcoming. 

After dark, I mooched slowly over to see Anton in the evening, where he had made pizza dough, and we had a feast of pizzas washed down with assorted beers in (in the appropriately-labelled glasses) and listened to tunes. Deep conversations tonight, as the pizza dough bulged out of the bowl, and tore through the cling film Anton had stretched over the bowl. It truly was alive. 

Fond farewells and a taxi home.

Below the monstrous dough.