Feeling worn out today, and sniffles and sneezes returning. I felt that I had overdone it a bit yesterday. People getting in touch about work and so on, which was, frankly, the last thing I wanted. Good news was that I had my Pfizer booster, in the pharmacy across Preston Park. Had to wait for 15 mins afterwards. Even though I am okay with being jabbed, I appreciated the relaxed and chattiness of the woman who vaccinated me. I was a bit worried that I would be sent packing because of my cold, but I was routinely jabbed. 

The walk there and back through the autumnal park, on a beautiful day, just about did for me on the energy front. Spent the rest of the day feeling worn out and thinking about all the things I should really be getting on with should I have any energy.

Chatted with Mum today, and Anton. Lorraine back to work on a half day today... Poking her toe back into the shark tank for the afternoon.