A brief sojourn in the Salisbury

Up this morning writing early, glimpsed how my 'collection' might be configured anew, which was quite exciting. Lorraine working from home, but I zoomed off to London to meet Mum and Toby in the Salisbury. Toby has to take his preflight covid test soon, and squeezing into a germy tube with Mum to get to the Salisbury wasn't optimal. First time Mum and I had met in the Salisbury for some time. Toby, however, understandably stressed by the proximity of people. A bite to eat and a couple of drinks there (Tobs out with Rabbits last night, lapping at ginger beer). This followed by a saunter towards Covent Garden, where Toby realised he had left his glasses in the pub. Luckily they were still there. We regrouped for a cup of coffee outside a small cafe, before I bade them a fond farewell at Leicester Square station. Toby back to Canada on Monday, so I won't see him again till next year which made me feel sad. 

Easy journey home for me, jumping on a Brighton train at Victoria moments before it left. Home to an empty house. Sam off to see Jade and his Dad's family. Lorraine home, after a session with her personal trainer, followed by an evening on the sofa watching Bake Off and The Expanse and Frasier.

Two of my three outstanding invoices were paid today. Happy days.

A couple of snaps in passing en route to The Salisbury, by Cleopatra's needle in glowing black and white, and the fourth plinth's current artwork. Like the fly and drone.