Best laid plans

I now have Lorraine's evil cold too. Just as Lorraine had been doing earlier in the week, I spent lots of the day in bed, alongside intermittent bouts of sneezing, coughing, streaming and so on before making it to the gold sofa for the evening. Decided to book a covid test, although Lorraine did proper one and two lateral flows all of which were negative.

Luckily Lorraine is improved enough to deal with the carpet layer who arrived today who replaced the carpet on the stairs. She also took care of me bringing me teas and food upstairs, despite not being fully recovered herself, bless her. I spoke to carpet fitter from my bed. 

Also Beth and James were going to come around tonight, but decided against it as they did not want to get the terrible cold. Instead Beth picked up her presents at the door with her and James wearing masks. 

I also had to text Catherine to postpone our lunch. I think it is unlikely I can attend Beth's Sunday lunch party. Hopefully Lorraine will however.  I am supposed to get my booster on Monday, but will probably have to rearrange that too. 

Gah. Spent much of the day sleeping. Also playing with my MacBook Air. Unable to connect my emails to it, and tried for hours. Turned out BT internet was down, and it all magically connected later, but not before I had gone through changing passwords and so on.

Also listened to episodes of a creepy series on BBC Sounds, called This Thing of Darkness, which Toby recommended. Dark indeed.