Safe little dramas

A poor night's sleep and woke early feeling a bit wretched still, but then brightened steadily as the day wore on. I had a shower, and cooked breakfast while Lorraine was running about doing various things. I think I am going to recover more speedily than Lorraine. Tried to do some writing, but I kept losing interest and hating everything. Also received a poetry rejection tonight, just to keep spirits up. 

Reading about autism today, articles in the Guardian about people diagnosed as adults, and I also visited the site. Before this I did a short quiz online with Lorraine when we were in bed this morning, supposedly to discern if we had any autism traits. The suggestion, which should be taken with a pinch of salt, was that I scored low, and Lorraine, scored somewhat higher.

Became diverted by football and its stories and dramas. It is a safe little world in its own way. Could it be that Chelsea are three points clear at the top of the league, or is it that Manchester United imploded losing 4-1 at Watford? Poor Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appears to be about to be sacked. I always liked the Baby Faced Assassin, even though he played for United. Clearly a very decent human, and seeing him humiliated for weeks on end was sad.

Went to bed feeling a lot healthier than I had done leaving it this morning. Still a way to go though.