Lorraine a little better

Poor Lorraine still suffering. In fact she got up in the night and ended up sleeping on the sofa, after having a hot herbal tea. She went to bed again in the morning, and I took her up tea and so on. I don't think she should go back to school this week. I feel happy I can take care of her, and am not bogged down with work this week.

Had a meeting with Keith and his lovely daughter Ffion who was on the call as it was take your daughter to work day at her school. Keith works in his kitchen mainly, so it probably wasn't the most exciting thing for her. She likes writing, however, and when I asked her what kind of thing she writes, she replied 'Books'. Shows ambition. Later we spoke briefly again, to screen grab us talking for her school report.

Otherwise sent off work to the mes amis in Paris, faffed about somewhat ineffectually on my own writing. I did some editing on my interview with Alireza Abiz. Thank God I can edit out some of my more idiotic moments before it goes to air.

Spoke to Mum, who seemed quite cheery, despite having to go back to Specsavers with Mason about hearing aids again. They were adjusted, and work again. Talking about Lorraine and I driving up to see them over Christmas.

In the Glory and Trumpets department, my business bank account is fully functional, I finally have my business credit card, and internet banking card... And today my outstanding invoice, delayed by my changing business bank details, was finally paid. I don't want to tempt fate but can this draggy nightmare be finally over?   

I had a cheeky nap this afternoon. Naps are excellent. 

Lorraine feeling a little perkier this evening, but is nowhere near going back to work yet. We watched The Sky At Night which Lorraine likes too. We are fans of Maggie Aderin-Pocock.  Also episodes of the complex and slightly bonkers The Expanse and Frasier. And I looked at my book of Nasa photos of the planets, and dipped into Ramsey Campbell's short story collection Alone with the horrors. Several excellent stories in there. I have messaged with him briefly over facebook. He likes to check that people following him aren't robots or weirdos.