Snap happy with Innis

Lorraine a little better today, which is still a country mile away from being well. She is not going back to school this week, which is absolutely the correct decision.

Beth came by this morning briefly. Just as Lorraine and I were getting up. One good thing about Lorraine being off work, is that I find myself getting up at 8, which seems decadent and late. 

Spoke to Mum as I waited for a bus, heading off to the Peace Statue at Hove, where I met up with Innis. Very kindly, he has offered to lend me one of his nifty cameras, so I could try one out, and he lent be a book called, Read this if you want to take great photographs which I flipped through at home, and seems excellent.  Innis explained about proper cameras to me in a way that made more sense to me than it ever had. The relationship between the size of the aperture and shutter speed and so on. We sat at the cafe by drinking tea and having small bits of cake, and then we mooched up and down by the sea for some time. It was a gorgeous blue skied day, the sun was warm, and the tide was out and the gulls stole chips off paper plates, and for a while all seemed right with the world.

Spent a two or three happy hours this way before bidding Innis a fond farewell, and I mooched into Churchill Square, as I am about to by myself a new laptop, my old one having finally given up the cyber ghost, and my last invoice having been paid, I feel secure enough to lash out. However I felt a bit bamboozled and tired in there, and so ordered one online when I got home instead. Another MBA, as Pascale Petit calls. A MacBook Air. 

Dusty dolls here today and apparently lovely with Lorraine. I got home and cooked basic food, all the better for us to watch Masterchef to. 

The i360 below shot on Innis's camera, and the other an iPhone snap of the blue sky and the rusty poles.