The difficult matter

Working on poetry again this morning. I have a clear idea now on a full collection, and I just have to assemble, edit and write new material to fill in the gaps. I have a name for it too, 'One Day Forever' which helps. The difficult matter, of course, is making sure the poems in it aren't useless and sucky.  

Then swallowed my frogs such as chasing the plumber and altering my linked in entry to reflect new biz etc. Talked to Anton, just before going out for a walk, and he persuaded me to download Prisoners of Geography, a book about geopolitics by Tim Marshall. Sauntered about for a bit up the hill for a short walk listening to how geography shapes politics and nations. Came home cooked a large vegetable chilli ready early as Lorraine had a Governors meeting tonight in my office. She arrived home looking pale and tired, but seemed a bit better after a quick sleep on the sofa.

In the evening I had yet another thumb through John McCullough's books and worked out what I am going to talk about tomorrow.  Then watched a zoom book launch by Antony Mair, with a supporting reading by Robin where she dropped two banging new poems, one about swimming pools and the other about Dante -- lockdown obsessions of La Houghton. Antony's book seems excellent -- and he is an example of just bloody getting on with it in a focused and marvellous way.

Then a spot of TV shortly before bed.