Ditto... but slightly more infuriating

Phoned the 123-Reg helpline (wait for 37 minutes to speak to anyone) then I persuaded the helpline person to explain things methodically and after half an hour we were three steps from completion of my migration when the 123-reg site crashed. I wrote down in some detail what I had to do next. Later I returned to the 123-reg site, and completed the rest of the steps. But though everything says it is has been done successfully, no emails are arriving and the test emails I send just disappear. I received a highly confusing message which seemed to suggest there was a problem their end. Another day without the email I use for work, plus roughly three hours wasted on this problem alone. 

Meanwhile logging onto my new business account, the £271 cheque claim against my account has disappeared but I got in the post an automatically generated letter telling me off for drawing on funds I did not have. However a new cheque has appeared trying to draw another £20 from my account. Nothing yet from the bank.  

Otherwise I went to the gym again, for a MildManneredWorkout™cooked supper, and had a business chat and bit of recording with Robin, who among other things is bemoaning the choir still not being able to sing due to government guidance on Covid.

Anton on the phone with a new craze. Belts! He has bought himself a handsome, oak-stained, handmade leather belt with a brass buckle from a man in the west country.

Talking of the west country, Lorraine and I off to Salisbury for a couple of days next week. I texted Bob, who lives nearby, and we plan to meet up.

Jade arrived home again today, which seemed to greatly cheer Sam. She is preparing for an interview for a job at St Andrews.  

Ended the day with my business email crippled for the second day in a row, and the bank leaking my money, and nothing useful written. In other words just like yesterday, but a touch more infuriating.